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My trip to Italy

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Ah Venice! Everywhere you look, and around each corner, there is beauty. This city takes my breath away!

From the Artist's shop full of pigments in the window, to the Lampshade shop full of half-shades (how cool is that!)

There is a languidness to Venice, and I felt encouraged to breathe and savour the different colours and ideas.

I took a Vaporetto (water taxi) to Murano and visited the glass-blowing studios and bought some hand made glass beads. I have a lovely pile of them on my work table (see below).

I love the feel and look of hand-blown glass, and the mix of colours in these beads is perfect, and they are so beautifully made.

When I find a beautiful stone, pearl or bead it's such a temptation to keep it to admire, but after I've finished my piece, it always seems to find its place in a perfect way!

As a very wise artist once told me, if you're frustrated with the design process, you're not yet finished...

  • Hand-blown Murano glass beads

  • Venetian Lampshade Shop

(September 4th 2017)

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