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  • Penny

Travels in the Far East

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

It is October 2018 and i have been on a buying trip to Beijing. Such high quality pearls at the Beijing Pearl Market. There was a little gentle bargaining with my favourite lady, and i came away with such lustrous beauties that I can't wait to design some holiday jewellery!

After Beijing, I travelled to Lhasa, Tibet. The altitude at 12,000 feet was an experience, and at 16,000 feet, because of the thin air, the sky was an astonishing deep blue. i sourced some lovely locally-made beads and I am already designing! This trip will linger forever...

A Gloriana pearl and sterling silver bracelet made with the Beijing pearls

Gloriana ethnic stretch bracelets made with Tibetan, African and Hawaiian elements

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